The Foundation

Al Akhawayn Foundation is a moroccan Non-governmental Organization that was founded in March 2016 by Al Akhawayn University alumnus Younes Kaddouri. 

The foundation operates in the domain of rural education in Morocco, focusing on the Middle Atlas region home to Al Akhawayn University. The foundation’s action plan was based on the following observations from reports published by the PNUD, UNESCO and UNICEF: 

– Morocco is ranked 123rd in the world in terms of the human development index. 

– Even though primary schooling is widespread in the country, its quality is questionable since more than 50% of children are not able to read a simple sentence at the end of primary school. 

– Important gaps and disparities can be observed between urban and rural areas. When barely 70% of children are schooled in rural areas, only 21.7% of girls pursue their studies and go to high school. 

Morocco did indeed know a significant increase in its schooling rate, but a significant number of children are still not attending schools and not getting a proper education. To deal with the pre-school education problem in Morocco, the foundation decided to first launch the Middle Atlas Education (MAE) project, a project that aims to offer a quality preschool education to the children from small towns and douars in the mountainous region of the Middle Atlas. More information about the elected board and the middle atlas can be found respectively in “The Team” and “The Region” pages”.