"MAE" : Middle Atlas Education

One of the main focuses of Al Akhawayn Foundation’s activities is dealing with preschool education by allowing an access to quality education, promoting access to education to children and improving educational systems to adapt them to the needs of all. This will enable them to fully play their role as citizens. We strive as matter of fact in reducing the primary school abandon in these regions.

Preschool education plays an important role in the Berber speaking mountain areas, since primary education in Morocco is given fully in arabic. Since the main spoken language in the small villages known as DOUARs is Berber, children usually face difficulties when starting their educational journey because of the language barrier. This language gap between Berber and Arabic results in having children who do not manage to follow up with the material provided in class which might encourage them to quit school and abandon their education at early age and with a hate factor.

To tackle this matter, AAF decided to launch the “MAE” Middle Atlas Education project which basically is into the construction of preschools in the Middle Atlas Mountainous rural areas. The foundation designed a road map that projects the construction of more than 30 preschools in different villages such as Ain Leuh, Ben Smim, Ait Tizi, Tigragra, Azrou …

The target population of this project is mainly children ranging from 4 to 6 but the Foundation is also thinking of a potential readaptation of the built preschools in a later stage to accommodate women illiteracy programs.

For the moment, the focus is put on young children’s education to increase primary schools success rates/stories.
Below are the different projects that have been or are currently being conducted.

Conducted Projects

Our Pilot Project